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This coming October 2024, it will be 50 years since I first joined the BBC, and in all that time I've worked as a reporter, presenter, producer and a suit - rising at one point to be CEO of ITV.

I've produced programme ranging from World in Action to Grumpy Old Men, from Three Men in a Boat to Portrait Artist of the Year. I've travelled to some of the most difficult and dangerous places in the world. I've met every Prime Minister from Harold Wilson to David Cameron. I've made Joan Bakewell laugh and Joan Rivers cry.


Someone told me early on that it would all be fun, and if it wasn't fun, it would be interesting.  Most of it was fun and interesting.  Some was just fun. Some was just interesting.

In writing it all down, I have the words of my old headmaster ringing in my ears.  "You're not funny, Prebble, and you're not clever."  He was probably right then, and he'd probably be right now.  It's not funny and it's not clever.  In fact some of it is distressing as I recall some terrible tragedies which have coloured my life. But it's all as true as I can remember it.


I hope you'll want to read and enjoy it. 


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