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Some while ago, the wise and brilliant broadcaster Georgina Godwin introduced me to Phil Manzanera - who I only knew of at that time as the fabulous guitarist from Roxy Music and from his work as producer and guitarist alongside David Gilmour.  Phil wanted to write a memoir and was looking for someone to lend a hand - and Georgina thought we might be a good fit.  The same age, the same background, the same crazy mad interest in guitars. Well, Georgina was right - we got on like a house on fire.  Phil didn't want to write "just another rock and roll memoir" and turned out to have led a life full of outstanding musical adventures, amazing incidents, and collaborations with many of the greatest musicians of our times; from Bryan Ferry to David Gilmour, from David Bowie to Bob Dylan and on and on it goes.  So I'm thrilled to say that Phil's book is out in Spanish translation already and is due out this coming March in the UK.  It's an extraordinary and varied narrative, and even if you're not a Roxy fan, but you like a good story, I think you'll love it.

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