Stuart Prebble is a TV Producer and Director, but is also the author of nine published books.  His first two novels were published by Harper Collins in the late Eighties.  Later he created the highly successful "Grumpy Old....." series for television and wrote five comedy books on the theme.  More recently Prebble wrote a book about the secret history of how the Cold War met the Falklands War under the South Atlantic.  

Secrets of the Conqueror


This is a story which Prebble waited for 30 years to tell. It involves the adventures of the British nuclear submarine Conqueror which came to fame for its key role in the Falklands War when it sank the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano with the loss of 323 lives.  The action was controversial because the British Government lied about the circumstances of the sinking. The reason for the systematic deception - by the Prime Minister and members of her Cabinet - has remained secret for three decades, but now the true story is revealed for the first time. It's a tense tale of British ingenuity and derring do straight out of a Cold War thriller.


Grumpy Old Men - the Official Handbook


Surveys show that the grumpiest people in Britain are the 35-54 age group of men.  They're grumpy about everything from squid-brained traffic wardens to body-piercing, from predictive texting to people who take phone calls in the cinema.  Stuart Prebble was the first to identify the syndrome and went on to make it "cool" to be grumpy.  The theme struck a chord in the nation and spawned more than 70 TV shows and scores of imitators.  This is the definitive handbook - a "must buy" for anyone who fears they may have the condition or is related to a "Grumpy"


Grumpy Old Men - the Secret Diary

Following on the huge success of "The Official Handbook" Stuart Prebble kept a diary of the stuff that got up his snitch over the course of a year.  Well obviously it wasn't everything, because he didn't have 4,000 pages.  However he did have a few hundred pages, and they are crammed with what we hope are entertaining irritations from the "au pair" his son brings back from a holiday in Thailand to the tattooed Pole who wants to date his daughter.  Oh and by the way, it's not really a diary and it's not really secret.


The Bridge


What happens when the girl of your dreams turns out not to be the person she says she is?   Michael fell in love with Alison at first sight, but their idyll is overshadowed by a madman terrorising London, who strikes without warning - frighteningly close to where the young couple are spending their time.  Every relationship in Michael's life is a bridge, but he'll discover that there are some he should not cross.




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