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Portrait Artist of the Year

Series nine has just transmitted to record audiences on Sky Arts, and continues to change the lives of the artists who feature in it.  We're already making preparations for series ten, which we hope to record in April. The repeats are on the channel and on NOW TV,  so watch the schedules and make a date on the won't want to miss it.


Landscape Artist of the Year
 We're just delivering series eight - with locations in Blackpool, Royal Ascot, Belfast, London and Wales.  Once again we've managed to raise the bar for the winner's's a closely 
guarded secret at the moment but it can accurately described as "life-changing" for the eventual successful artist.  Scheduled to transmit from January on Sky Arts, so watch the schedules.


Black and Blue

For five years I've been collaborating with a remarkable friend of mine to write her life-story.  Her name is Parm Sandhu, and she recently retired as the most senior BAME female officer in the Metropolitan police.  Parm's story is an amazing one - she was the daughter of immigrant parents who came to England in 1951 and never learned to speak English.  She was forced into an arranged marriage, which turned out to be violent. Eventually she ran away from home and joined the police, where she broke through every glass ceiling and won a string of awards such as Asian Woman of Achievement.  However she was subject throughout to every kind of discrimination. Eventually Parm left the police after thirty years with an unblemished record.  Her story, entitled BLACK AND BLUE, is published by Atlantic Books, and the paperback is scheduled for later in the year.


Something else......

Having worked closely with the amazing Parm Sandhu on writing her life-story, I am very excited to be collaborating currently with an equally fascinating person from a completely different walk of life.  His is a remarkable biography which will be much in the news when it's published towards the end of this year.  Will reveal more as soon as I this space!

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