Portrait Artist of the Year
The team has been working flat out during lockdown to prepare for the next series, with a view to broadcasting from October.  Once again we've had a new record high number of entries from talented artists, and we've got a typically stellar line up of fascinating sitters from many walks of life.  Joan Bakewell and Stephen Mangan will present as usual, and Tai, Kathleen and Kate are our judges. These shows are a joy to produce and a joy to watch.




Landscape Artist of the Year
Series 6 of Landscape Artist of the Year was transmitted on Sky Arts at the start of the year, attracting huge and unprecedented audiences.  We've recently finished recording the heats for series 7 - in Whitstable, Coventry and the Eden Project, with two more spectacular locations for the semi-final and final.  The series is due to transmit from January 2022.  This time the theme is climate change, and we've also recorded a special "celebrity" episode to be broadcast to coincide with the international conference in Glasgow.  Not to be missed.


Black and Blue

For five years I've been collaborating with a remarkable friend of mine to write her life-story.  Her name is Parm Sandhu, and she recently retired as the most senior BAME female officer in the Metropolitan police.  Parm's story is an amazing one - she was the daughter of immigrant parents who came to England in 1951 and never learned to speak English.  She was forced into an arranged marriage, which turned out to be violent. Eventually she ran away from home and joined the police, where she broke through every glass ceiling and won a string of awards such as Asian Woman of Achievement.  However she was subject throughout to every kind of discrimination, and was eventually falsely accused of gross misconduct and even of breaking the criminal law. Eventually Parm left the police after thirty years with an unblemished record.  Her story, entitled BLACK AND BLUE, is published by Atlantic Books.