Landscape Artist of the Year
We are currently looking for locations for the next series of "Landscape Artist of the Year", which we are hoping to be able to shoot in August.   The hiatus caused by the lockdown has enabled us to extend the deadline for submissions, so we hope artists are using the extra time well.  After a summer of lockdowns, and closed National Trust properties, we're expecting the "lovely day out" feeling of the show to have a special appeal this year.  Go to the website for details about how to apply.
Portrait Artist of the Year
The bloody virus caused us to postpone recording the next series of Portraits, but we're currently hoping and planning to record in July, with intended transmission in the autumn. Once again we have some terrific sitters lined up, and we're just working out how everyone can keep at least 2 metres apart and still make the show feel fun and intimate.




Secrets of the Conqueror


An interesting thing happens when you make a documentary or write a book about something that happened in living memory; other people who know something about the subject contact you and tell you the things you got wrong, and other things you didn't know when you did your own research.  It's in part a joy, and in part it's frustrating too.  "Why couldn't I have found you when I was writing the bloody thing?"  Secrets of the Conqueror has been published for three years, and only recently I have heard from several of the key people who were on the submarine at the time I am writing about.   They've been able to fill in gaps and add colour and detail.  Luckily for me, no-one since publication has told me that I got anything of significance wrong - so that's great.  It's just frustrating that, if I'd known then what I know now, the book would be more complete.  Maybe an update for a new edition?  I will give it some thought.


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