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Portrait Artist of the Year
Production is under way for what will be the eleventh series of this fabulous show.  Great sitters, great artists, Stephen Mangan presenting, and Tai, Kate and Kathleen judging. due for TX mid October.


Landscape Artist of the Year
 We're also in production for what will be the tenth series of Landscapes. Locations this year will take us to Snowdonia, Bristol, London, Portsmouth and Stonehenge.   The eventual winner will receive a truly life-changing prize - of a commission for an artwork which will be exhibited alongside some of the most famous paintings in the world.  Watch this space.


Still Grumpy After All These Years

It's twenty years since the first transmission on BBC2 of my series Grumpy Old Men, which spawned five books.  It's also fifty years since I first joined the BBC as a Journalist Trainee, and I've worked in telly ever since.  So I've used this title for a memoir of the various adventures in my career, and to make a record of two terrible family tragedies. Maybe it's a weird read, but then it's been a weird life.   Available late summer.


Something else rather brilliant......

Some while ago my friend Georgina Godwin introduced me to Phil Manzanera, who is the brilliant guitarist from Roxy Music and was celebrating fifty years as a professional musician. We got on like a house on fire and he kindly asked me to help him to write down some stories from his amazing life, working with everyone from Bob Dylan via David Bowie to David Gilmour.  The result "Revolucion to Roxy" is full of amazing tales and is out now.

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