Portrait Artist of the Year
So the latest series finished at the end of December. The final sitter was Eddie Izzard, who chose that moment to declare that from now on he wishes to be referred to as "she".  The series attracted huge praise for the art and the format, and the final attracted special attention because of Eddie's courage in declaring herself in that way.  And the best news is that Sky Arts has commissioned yet another new series, so we will very soon be back any work casting artists and sitters.



Landscape Artist of the Year
Series 7 of Landscape Artist of the Year is being transmitted on Sky Arts from mid-January.  We were able to make shows at a wide range of locations, despite the lockdown, and once again we were joined by scores of wild-cards in every place. We had great weather, there was some great art, and the whole thing went off very well.  The series was great and I hope everyone enjoys it.


Black and Blue

For five years I've been collaborating with a remarkable friend of mine to write her life-story.  Her name is Parm Sandhu, and she recently retired as the most senior BAME female officer in the Metropolitan police.  Parm's story is an amazing one - she was the daughter of immigrant parents who came to England in 1951 and never learned to speak English.  She was forced into an arranged marriage, which turned out to be violent. Eventually she ran away from home and joined the police, where she broke through every glass ceiling, and won a string of awards such as Asian Woman of Achievement.  However she was subject throughout to every kind of discrimination, and was eventually falsely accused on gross misconduct and even breaking the criminal law. Eventually left the police after thirty years with an unblemished record.  Her story, entitled BLACK AND BLUE, will be published by Atlantic Books in June.


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